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A Brides Faves: with Guest Blogger/Newlywed Kristen

Favorite Wedding Moment: So hard to pick just one, but walking into the room and seeing all of our beautiful friends and family was a major highlight.

Favorite Design element/detail of your gown:The sleeve! The dress would have been fabulous without them, but the sleeves really made the dress.

Favorite Wedding Accessory: The most special piece of jewelry I could ever wear or own is my custom engagement ring from Lorraine West. It has so much meaning beyond the obvious and I treasure it.

Favorite Place to unwind: In the hammock in our backyard on a breezy day.

Favorite Spa treatment : There's a wonderful Thai spa on the Upper East Side -- I am addicted to the traditional Thai massage!

Favorite Book /Song/Activity that kept you sane during the wedding process: I can always unwind and let the world go in my ballet class. It's therapeutic for body and mind!

Favorite words of wisdom or encouragement /motto for a bride to be: It was so important to us that we make time for each other, even during the stressful party planning times. Especially then. Just a quiet moment alone, a joke, a makes all the difference.

Favorite moment in your gown: Twirling on the dance floor!

What was most important to you in terms of your wedding gown: I'm fairly low maintenance in the fashion department and I wanted a gown that reflected my simple personal style, but was still visually interesting and special. Ashaka went above and beyond!

Best Compliment of the night: Everybody loved the dress! I got so many sweet compliments. It was an amazing night.

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